Crowd of People

Day 1 Schedule

Monday, April 19th

3:00-3:50 PM EDT

Welcome/networking sessions (on Spatial Chat)

4:00 PM EDT

4:00   Mike Lehman/Waljit Dhillo

Welcome and Opening Remarks

4:05-5:35 PM EDT

Plenary Session: Kisspeptin and GnRH neurons: recent discoveries

Session Chair: Mike Lehman

4:05   Bob Goodman “Kisspeptin and GnRH neurons: an overview”

4:20   Yoshihisa Uenoyama “KNDy neurons as the GnRH pulse generator: Twenty percent of KNDy neurons are enough to maintain gonadotropin pulse and folliculogenesis”

4:45.   Stephanie Constantin “Get to NO me before another Kiss: how nitric oxide facilitates multiple responses of GnRH neurons to kisspeptin”

5:10    Matan Golan, “Zebrafish GnRH neurons communicate synaptically to control their own migration”

5:35-5:40 PM EDT



5:40-7:00 PM EDT

Short Presentations

Session Co-Chairs: Sasha Kauffman and Alexander Comninos

5:40  Edouard Mills (Imperial College London)

5:50  Juan Roa Rivas (University of Cordoba)

6:00  Su Young Han (University of Cambridge)

6:10  Stephania Guzman (Rutgers University)

6:20  Elizabeth McCarthy (Harvard Med. Sch./Brigham & Women's Hospital)

6:30  Rick McCosh (University of California, San Diego)

6:40  Richard Piet (Kent State University)

6:50  Mengjie Wang (University of Toledo)