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Day 3 Schedule

Wednesday, April 21st

3:00-3:50 PM EDT

Networking sessions (on Spatial Chat)

4:00-5:30 PM EDT

Plenary Session: Basic, Translational and Clinical Studies of Kisspeptin

Session Chair: Sally Radovick

4:00   Lique Coolen, “Building blocks of Kisspeptin and KNDy Circuitry in Reproductive Function”

4:30   Ali Abbara, “Translational Potential of Kisspeptin”

5:00   Yee-Ming Chan “Using kisspeptin to diagnose and manage pubertal disorders.” 

5:30-5:40 PM EDT



5:40-7:00 PM EDT

Short Presentations

Session Co-Chairs: Shannon Stephens and Andy Babwah

5:40  Fernando Marquez (Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences)

5:50  Lorna Smith (King's College London)

6:00  Encarnacion Torres Jimenez (IMIBIC & University of Cordoba)

6:10  Noella Di Giorgio (IBYME-CONICET)

6:20  Eulalia Coutinho (University of California, San Diego)

6:30  Aleisha Moore (Kent State University)

6:40  Bahaa Aloqaily (Rutgers University)